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Rodent Removal and Prevention



Mice are not dangerous animals, however, if you are able to identify and confirm that you have mice invading your home, we recommend that you contact me for a  inspection.  Among diseases carried by house mice or the parasites they transmit, are the salmonellosis, rickettsia pox, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis.

I can help you with mice removal, exclusions , and control. Mice are known to cause large amounts of economic damage to homes and commercial buildings. They have strong senses and gather anywhere where food crumbs and particles can be found. In addition, they contaminate with urine droppings, and hair. These mice cause structural damage to buildings with their gnawing and nest-building activities. Mice often make homes in large electrical appliances, where they may chew wiring as well as insulation, resulting in short circuits that can lead to fire hazards or other malfunctions. Mice are also connected to damaging stored items in attics, basements, garages and closets. Do not hesitate to call me today at (508) 989-6056 * ,  if you are seeing warning signs of mice within your home.

At Affordable, we focus on resolving your rodent issue WITHOUT the use of toxic poison.
What do we focus on?
1.  Sealing off active and non-active entry points on the foundation and roof line. "exclusion''
2.  Installing snap traps in active rodent locations, typically this is the attic and basement.
3.  Return visits to re-inspect work,  monitor, re-bait , and reset traps.
4.  Using high quality products that are designed to prevent mice from re-gaining access.
* AWS rodent season is only during the winter and late fall , due extremely high work load I won't be accepting any rodent jobs during the spring, and summer.
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