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Squirrel on Roof
Squirrel Removal and Prevention
Squirrels can be extremely destructive to your property!
We at Affordable Wildlife Solution take pride in servicing, all breeds of squirrels.

They are squeaky, fast and often destructive critters, so it is no wonder why squirrels have become the source of many wildlife complaints. With over one hundred different species and a presence on almost every continent in the world, squirrels are undoubtedly one of the most seen and tolerated mammals. The South Coast is home to a number of species of squirrels, the gray squirrels being the most common, but also a couple species of flying squirrels. Most Squirrels are active in the morning and evening times. Being very inquisitive in nature, they adapt well to human presence and urban areas. However, the squirrel’s ability to adapt allows them to sneak into close proximity to human living spaces, like attics and walls. Once they invade your property, squirrels become very destructive and noisy as they search for food and build nests.

Squirrels live in wooded areas and often build their nests in trees. It is typical of squirrels to nest in the attics or walls of residential homes and commercial buildings. Female squirrels give birth twice a year, in the spring and fall, making attics an appealing place to live. For both genders, walls and attics provide year-round wood for gnawing, shelter from the cold, and space to store food. Squirrel problems often are noticed when home or business owners hear scratching or moving around

A typical squirrel job can take 5 days to complete.
1.  Entry points are identified and one way doors are installed on active entry-points
2.  Secondary points will be blocked off.
3.  Cage traps are installed to capture the nuisance squirrel population,
4. Return visits will be provided to monitor the activity.
5.  Blocking off all entry points at closing.
AWS not only provides exceptional service but we also provide a free two year warranty on all work applied.
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